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a powerful online tool to involve residents in decision-making processes and to demonstrate a municipality's commitment to citizen engagement

Clients include:

  • Logo of the Plateau Mont-Royal borough of Montreal
  • Logo of the Township of Langley
  • Logo of the City of Mankato
  • Logo of the Town of Newmarket

Get realistic budget proposals from your citizens

  • give a clear picture of how much different services cost with concrete numbers
  • display the financial impact of a citizen's changes in real-time

Integrate responses directly into budget proposals

  • access your results throughout the simulation with a dedicated administration portal
  • download your results for analysis in an easy-to-read Excel file

Customize your consultation to reflect the individual needs of your municipality

  • look and feel of our platform is completely customizable
  • add photos, charts, links, and presentations easily

Harness social media and encourage residents to share proposals

  • generate an individualized results page for residents to share with friends and family

Getting started with Citizen Budget is easy! Follow these four steps to begin your consultation

  • Identify Choose 10-30 local services or activities from your budget that you'd like to consult your citizens on.
  • Publish Publish your Citizen Budget app online. Open North gets it ready for you in four business days.
  • Share Tell your residents about your app and see it spread virally as people share it on social media.
  • Analyze Answers are compiled into actionable reports with charts and analysis for each budget item.


  • on/off switch
  • slide scales
  • survey buttons and checkboxes
  • percentage scales

Real-time Data and Results

real-time budget balance

Citizens see real-time budget effects of their modifications. Municipalities see participation rates and new data with each submission.

dedicated admin panel